Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Started

This is a test post to see whether this blog is working.

I set up this blog to use in the Communities of Practice (CoP) course I'm in. Now I'm trying to put the RSS feed for Practicing Community on Netvibes. I have put a number of RSS feeds on there in the past but I haven't added any for over six months. I'll have to see whether I can figure it out again.

I wrestle with the technology. I am almost entirely self-taught, with the help of my two young adult children. I often get stuck because I can't remember how to do something or because I never learned an essential basic step. I am dogged about figuring things out--but often it takes me an hour or two to complete a "simple" task I set for myself.

I entered this class late so I'm basically doing my introduction here. Would love to have a buddy if someone is interested. I can offer my broad experience facilitating f2f and fairly limited experience facilitating online.

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